Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Memories of Snow and my four brothers

Here in the Treasure Valley, all the snow has melted. We can still see some on the tops of the Boise mountains. These are my four brothers, born mid-1941 to November, 1945. Up until then I was an only child (4 years) and then a child with a baby sister (2 years).
My father, Jack Hicks Hopper is holding Robert, who looks very cold. The other three (l to r, John, David, Richard) are wearing skates and have been skating on the Lake in Collins Park in Scotia, New York, across the Mohawk River from Schenectady. I'm guessing that this is the winter of 1947. World War II is over and Truman is President. I was probably in the Sixth Grade, and with the help of my PTA mother, I have broken the no-girls barrier on the Crossing Guard Patrol. I have a badge and have to get to school early.
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