Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still Life with Shells and Key

When I think about color, it is often colors like these: violets, pale ambers, diluted blues. I made this through gradual additions in my bathroom in California and kept it where I could look at it every morning as the daylight came through the window.
I have just almost finished the book I mentioned yesterday, A Tale for the Time Being, by Ruth Ozeki.
The part I have left to read is a scant half hour of appendices. I will read them, but it is now time to blog and choose my Daily Duck for Facebook. I don't think I will have enough ducks to carry on past the end of the month, maybe not even until then. About the book, it is a substantial achievement weaving together more than 50 years of history of Japan and America with life on a Canadian Island outpost, and all sorts of short travels into natural science, philosophy and mathematics. Have I left something out??
In case I was being too enthusiastic I just went to Amazon, where the book has earned a solid five stars! and
reviews from readers and critics alike more glowing than I could have imagined. I wold hope that this is pleasing Ms. Ozeki, although I know from her tales of writing in this story, that everything is not easy.

I am thinking tonight of my friend of many years (the on who introduced me to haiku) who had a sudden setback after a recent 6-hour lung operation and now is back in the hospital in an isolation room while they try to identify the pathogen that made her sick. Yikes! I am hoping that her progress will be all forward and upward from now on. Sleep well!
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