Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh, Just one more! Along the Lincoln Highway, Route 80

I've been promising myself that I will quit with the fromthecars (although what other use do I have for them and I have so many!) I was going to start on duck photos tonight,  or grandchildren, or ?
But here we are. So pleased the Derby Dam sign is reflected in the Toyota's shiny hood. And I love the colors of the turning desert trees: are they small cottonwoods, willows, short aspens? I keep meaning to find out, and this is another unfinished plan. Speaking of plans (the mind working, endlessly changing focus) I have almost decided tonight to plan on going on three trips before the end of the year. I'll sleep on it first. Two are haiku conferences in the US, another is a trip with friends to Europe. Spoiler alert: this means I probably won't make it to Salt Lake to edit family videos with my brother. 
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