Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The day I met Einstein, face to face

It's all about time: the big clock, the calendar, and Albert E!

A couple of years ago. I'd come here to pick up a part for my hearing aids. I was the only person here in the late afternoon. The desk attendant went into the back room to search out the part, and I was left alone with Einstein. Note the little drawn head next to him, with the wild hair. I know there is a story here--I just do not know what that story is. But I was very pleased by the personalization of this workplace; I wished I had been in a better position to photograph it--the counter somewhat limited my range.

Last night I got a sample of Ruth Ozeki's new book on my Midnight Kindle. (I seem to have less thrift at that hour, who knows why?) I bought it before even finishing the sample, and will be reading into the dark midnight hours tonight. And then probably recommending it to Jennifer--who is on a tour of duty in Japan with her family and plenty of time to cruise the culture. The book  is called A Tale for the Time Being. I like it a lot, although I am not sure I will by the end; I'll probably get mad at what happens, we shall see. And a "time being" might be some sort of being outside/inside of time. I find the author very simpatico, and all the little bits of information, speculation, labor issue awareness, ecological awareness, locality awareness and so much else is very winning to me. I love the cultural stuff about Japan and the use of so many Japanese slang terms. I'm not all that into Buddhism, but so far it is OK, just as I gave Gary Snider and Joanne Kyger a pass on all that, when they went to India, and afterwards, too. I don't get it, but . . .

For tonight, I will close with Onitsura (1660-1738) probably not untainted by Buddhist thought himself.

Here is one of his best-known haiku:

the bell from far away
how it moves along in its coming
through the spring haze

Can you hear that sound, coming and changing? Also spring is coming! Good Night!
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  1. Did I ever get a recommendation for this? Was there one by the end? After my binge reading into the wee hours last night I find myself at the end of the purchases I made over the holidays. Sad times.