Thursday, March 28, 2013

Missed the Sunset Again; there it goes!

I frequently think I will go to someplace (not on our block) where I can see the twilight sky. Then I notice that I've just missed it again. But these clouds! This Treasure Valley has the most spectacular skies of any place I've lived. I don't remember looking at the sky in Scotia, or in Grooms Corners, or in Provo. I guess I learned to really love the sky in Michigan, near the Tip of the Mitt. But these are even a little bit better, especially at this time of year.
Remember Sylvia Plath? How I promised to tell you about Mad Girl's Love Song? I'm doing a little Kindle cleanup and I finished the book last night, Suddenly it came to an end--bonk!--with her marriage to Ted Hughes. About the last 35 percent was notes and bibliography. It also had a section of photos, which I appreciated as many of the biographies omitted the illustrations in the published book. Some of them even left in the LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS when there were none. This biography was quite thorough, you couldn't have asked for more. I must say that I would not have liked to have such a book written about me if I had had such frequent headaches, menstrual cramps, sweating, frequent sinus infections, a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt and so many sexual encounters with so many different guys. It was all rather messy and depressing. I could not but be impressed by the amount of hard work she did with her studies and her writing. She really got a lot of recognition, too, for her work and her abilities. This was true at school and contests and also in the publishing world. But she worried constantly about her looks, her clothing. She made a much greater attempt to be "well-dressed" according to the standards of the time. (I always felt that I could find a sort of "equivalent" or uniform that would sort of pass. Not be too stick-outy. That's what my blazers and silk blouses were about. In style for years but never really stylish.) It is interesting that she was graduating from Smith about the time I got married, since she was just three years older. And I am still alive, and she's been dead since 1963! And since you are reading this, you are still alive, too!
Hooray for us! Good night!
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