Friday, March 15, 2013

That Evening Sun Go Down

There is something very beautiful about the pattern (regular yet irregular) that branches trace against the sky. I prefer to sketch trees and other plants the best of all. I would like to think this is not just because it is easier to draw a tree than it is to draw a person who does not look odd. but that is so, too.
The sun goes down every night, and every night I think I will try to accomplish something different tomorrow. And then I run the dishwasher, or the washing machine, or take out the trash and bring in the mail,
and here it is after dark.
I just looked up the title phrase above, which came to my mind from the photograph. Lately when I have been looking through my photos for pictures to post in my Daily Duck series on Facebook, the expressions of certain ducks have suggested bits of text, poems or songs to me. I suppose this has something to do with storage of bits of thisandthat in the brain, but I really enjoy it.

late sun
through bare branches
faraway friends        

Good night. . .
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