Monday, March 04, 2013

Passages; children playing in a field

A long time ago, I saw these children playing in a field under an amazing sky. They had a reddish umbrella. It seemed to me then like a scene from a movie, or an image that could begin a novel. They were so far away and through a fence; I couldn't get closer. This is only the center of the picture, which I took with an iPhone 3S. I thought then of trying to make a watercolor painting, nysterious and atmospheric. I haven't written the novel, or painted the painting, but tonight I found this picture again; it retains that haunting quality for me. The children, some older than the others, moved through the field carrying the umbrella and shouting, I was so far away that the sounds were very faint. The touches of pink and red made it more interesting, I've tried to edit it now, but cannot bring out the quality I was struck by. But I will continue to thin about this. Maybe a poem?
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