Saturday, March 23, 2013

Like a bad dream

Grab shot from the car, treated with two iOS apps. Makes me giggle just to look at it. But it seems to be an image about 70 years old. Apocalyptic, sort of. I am being forced to recognize that my art consists mainly of fiddling with photographs. And I live in a pretty good time for that!
It's been a chllly day, with very bright sunlight. I just remembered that I forgot to take my walk. I've been continuing with Middlemarch, partly because if I read it in the daytime, I can read lots of delicious bits aloud. The George Eliot biography I ordered from Amazon came today. It's a 700 page small print serious and interesting work. The biographer's wife is credited in the preface with re-reading all of Eliot's novels so they could discuss them. Now that's a serious marriage! I might be reading a newer work that has gotten excellent reviews, except that a used copy costs $60 and new ones are more. This one was a library discard that looks unused with a mylar cover. There is a tiny bit of dirt on the forward bottom edges, as if from pushing it into the shelf. The book seems to be very well written in the little bit I have read. It cost 20 cents, plus $3.98 for shipping. Way less than a penny a page. I love a bargain!

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