Friday, March 29, 2013

Idaho State Capitol, a Clearer View

Again, traffic stopped ahead of me. Tomorrow, I promise a more conventionally beautiful picture. And soon, some more poetry. I'm liking these modified pix a lot, but don't think they will draw much custom, or wind up on Pinterest, where people can certainly waste a huge amount of time. I finally figured out how to use Pinterest by getting a little Kindle book of instructions. I am afraid P has the capacity to generate WAY too much email, but there must be a way to block that (she said hopefully.) It's frightening to watch the stats rise on readership of the blog, as I post consistently. I can't really explain that, but I really want to lift the quality and may start to write earlier in the day, giving myself time to revise.
Some good news is that while Google Reader will self-destruct on July 1st upcoming, I have just found a replacement that seems to work quite well. It imported my list of blogs (even the favorite ones that mostly seem to have stopped posting) very easily and smoothly. So goodbye Google Reader, and good riddance! I am now using Feedly (such a name, from RSS feeds!) which is an iPad app. Turns out to be something an iPad is good for; I may now get more use from that costly device.
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