Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Watercolor Class: Feeding the Ducks

I've wanted to make this into a watercolor painting ever since I got it back from Long's Drug Store photo developing circa 1994. It's the ultimate light-and-shadow-play. I love the way my grandson's hair makes one dark shape with the upper right darkness.  I love the way the other little bits of dark on the Muscovy's back and the rectangles in the upper left repeat those darks. I love the way all the ducks (except the Rowan--a kind of domestic mallard) face toward the boy who brought the feed. I am also fond of the intense expression on the red face of the Muscovy duck. So I was planning to take the photo with me today to class. . . and forgot it! Instead I tried some of those white buildings in Greece and started one of California poppies against a bleached out sky. Each week, I enjoy the results more.
Tonight's passage is from Gary Snyder's Passage to India, which I finished yesterday. It was one of the India books I got in case I can make it to Naini Tal toward the end of this year.
Here is just a little bit about the meetup midway with Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky.

"...they had just wandered a lot and met a lot of people, and were immediately enchanted with India, as indeed any fairly flexible person would be, since it is a very permissive place in most ways and everyone has diverse clothes, beards, sandals, weapons, ragged bags and religious beliefs."(page 85)

I like the way the prose moves from very pedestrian to the outragious nutty catalog at the end. Now I will read Joanne Kyger's account of the same famous trip. Good Night!
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