Wednesday, August 20, 2008

After the rye harvest

After the rye harvest
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This morning on the way to water exercises at the pool at Crooked River Lodge. I was glad I had left early because it gave me time to take more than 100 shots of this assemblage of nine sandhill cranes and about 50 Canada Geese. (This is only half the field.) The backlighting was intense and I only had the purse camera which only goes out to 3x. Still, I cranked off about 140 photos, including some nice ones of them flying away. This is the largest group of cranes I have seen all summer; there is a family of four that have been here and there in grain fields and cut hayfields for the last month. They are the ones that breed in the Waldron Fen, I think. The crane migration must have begun with the more northerly cranes because I have been seeing groups of them in the sky for almost two weeks, calling to each other and flying south.

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