Thursday, August 28, 2008

Velvet antlers in the morning sun

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Woke up early and saw this from the window. There were four of them and I took 130 pictures before they left. This guy was the most splendid. I know I said I'd let up on the deer, but can't do it just yet. An artist who saw the pictures on Flickr said that the buck will become more elusive when the rutting season begins in a couple of months. So, I treasure this chance.

As I write this Obama is speaking. I loved the short speeches that came earlier in the program when people told about what had happened to them. I especially loved the converted former Republicans. Barack is making a great, great speech; it just gets better and better; it makes me hope (and fear) again. He is covering all the issues that I have been so terrified about in an intelligent manner. Can America work as hard and make the sacrifices that will be needed? This is a hopeful night. I fear it might prove too hard, and we have grown too soft, and too self-centered and too brainwashed by media foolishness. I pray I am just too discouraged; I pray I am wrong.

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