Friday, August 15, 2008

Name this white berry

Of course, we are watching the Olympics. A nasty side effect of that is that Presidential election advertisements already begin to run. John McCain should have been ashamed to say he approved his message that Democrats would pick on seniors, small business and the middle class with taxes, taxes, taxes. I don't want to get started, so I remember this day about one year ago, when I went out on the boat with my grandsons and these white berries were near the boat launch. I've been meaning to look up the berries ever since, but had forgotten until now.
There have just been two false starts in qualifying races, but now they are running strong. It is amazing to watch these athletes move, really beautiful. My daughter's having a garage sale in the morning, so I've got to go to bed, so I can get up to help. Good night, athletes and spectators.



    June, go to this above address to see lots of photos and info on wild berries. I think your photo is of a type of dogwood berry found in wetlands.

  2. The red osier dogwood to be exact. The site is called the Wild berries of Sharington.

  3. And so it is! Red osier dogwood! I should have known that; I saw the leaves by the Thorne Swift beach in the early summer>