Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Late Summer Dance

Late Summer Dance
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There is so much rainfall here that natural garden spots are all along the country roads. Just stop and shoot. And no longer have to worry that it cost me 50cents every time I click the shutter. All the expenses are up front (in my case WAY up front) for the gadgetry that keeps improving and singing to me another verse of its siren song. And then, every so often, I'll need a terabyte of storage and then a terabyte of backup storage. I'm getting a better system to file things, but there are lots of issues to be solved as I go. I should be able to figure this out; I am, after all, a librarian. But, do you keep modified files in the same folder with the originals? Should you rename every batch of photos? (Experts say you should. But it's a pain.) So far, I have been using the numbers the camera gives each photo. That works now, but my first camera started again at zero every time I changed the batteries. Which doesn't work. Lately everyone advises (I subscribe to all known photography magazines.) that you rank all the photos after each "shoot." The software supports this now, but didn't use to. It's a good idea, but take a huge amount of time. But not more than I am spending now trying to straighten out my 450 gigs of stuff. I hope I haven't made myself too upset to sleep now . . .

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