Sunday, August 10, 2008

I met her at the Riverfest in Alanson, Michigan

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This weekend we had a flea market, bands, a "beer tent", boat parades and a boat show, crafts, etc. A little down the table from this beauty, I bought a clear round glass paperweight with bubbles in it. It is very heavy and satisfying to hold. These paperweights are not really a collection, but are getting close. I bought the first one at a glass craft store in Hannibal, Missiouri, across from Mark Twain's old house. They made glass marbles, too, and when I was there they were teaching glasscraft classes. There by the river, I was surprised by the nineteenth century, and all the books I had read about that time.
This weekend, I had Thai food from a booth, and did not have fried potato slices (from another booth) although they looked divine. We met a woodcarver, who finds the animals hidden in burls and logs and carves them out with his klnife. My daughter bought a carved brown trout, like the one her husband caught when they were first married.
This used to be a railroad town, and had a lumber mill. Also, tourists came for river and lake cruises on the Inland Waterway. (The summers here are divine, with a touch of mosquito.) They have a museum about the Waterway (all the way to Lake Huron!) in the hundred-year-old former town hall. Drop on by.

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