Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Cranes

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Same field, same time of day, but soft overcast light and I am there with my 300mm lens! Yes! Aren't they beauties?? The feathers look watercolored in grays and burnt sienna. And that glorious red, red crown . . .
After an overcast morning, a downpour and a crack of lightning so near the house that I jumped from my chair. Around noon, I drove to the south end of our woods and spent quite a nice time in eye contact with a deer behind a scrim of trees. And photographed enough goldenrod and Joe Pye weed and green leaves and grasses and forest light to start a flower show!

This is my favorite short sandhill crane video and the way to memorize the call, so you can always recognize it
Ah, late summer as it moves into autumn. Sort of a downer, but a very rich one. Expect more of these photos in the days to come.

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