Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In Honor of Daylily Season

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Which is almost over, alas. We've been adding some plants every summer for the past several years, and they are doing well. Some people say deer eat them, but these are along the front of the house and haven't been eaten yet.
I love the colors in this photo. Today I discovered another time-sink on the Internet, the Color Palette tool available at bighugelabs.com. (Be sure to type the s on labs, or you might get a nasty surprise.) One selects a photo, particularly one with striking, limited colors like this one, and one gets about 15 squares of isolated colors from that photo with color numbers and wonderful color names. Results from different photos are strikingly different.
I have been dragging my feet on the Postcard Exchange. . . I keep thinking that the ones I make aren't good enough. Or I am at a loss as to how to finish something without wrecking it, and making it look overworked. I have gotten four of the seven cards from the others but have only sent out two, which leaves me in deficit mode. But there's always, or at least often, tomorrow.


  1. I don't have many daylilies in my garden, but I do love seeing them in others' gardens. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting so warmly.
    Your own blog is charming.

  2. Well June....You're ahead of me! I haven't painted or sent any cards! And I feel the same as you.....the cards I've received are so lovely, I don;t think I can measure up.

  3. Thanks for being even slower than I am, and for telling me about it.
    Today, I am about to start . .

    But have read four books this week (and some magazines) instead.
    I wish I could give myself CreativePoints (whatever they are) for reading. Good grief!

    We should just send what we can. At least we are not using
    stickers or rubber stamps! (Although I do love rubber stamps . .. June