Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gasoline Mermaids

Gasoline Mermaids
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These mermaids (at the Riverfest, priced a little higher than they might have been) are quite tranquil compared to Olympic swimmers. If I never hear the formulation "41-year-old" again, I'll be pleased. And if the questions the microphone holders ask get any stupider, I won't be able to believe it. "Did you ever think . . ." "How did you feel . . ."
Michael just got his medal and I think Speedo WILL have to pay him that million now. Then, he went over to kiss his mom and turned around to find himself surrounded by and practically MOBBED by photographers. It's enough to make me swear of taking photographs, which I love to do. And naturally, along with everyone else, I am watching this.
"You can really believe that this man was DESTINED to be in this position." direct quote from a commentator just now. Ah, destiny.
Well, it is bedtime; I guess I won't stay up for scantily-clad beach volleyball. I keep remembering times I got sand in my bathing suit!

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