Friday, August 01, 2008

HI! My name is M and I'll be your waiter tonight

For some reason the round red fellow seems like a guy to me. And the oval yellow cutie seems like a woman or girl. I found them also, like yesterday's dollies, at the flea market section of the Flywheelers Club event in late July.

I copied the information below from the Boyne Area Chamber of Commerce site, because they will soon take if off since the event is over. I couldn't find a flywheeler's website to link to, but I think they need one.

"Northern Michigan Antique-Flywheelers Show
See Life in the Past Lane....Northern Michigan Antique-Flywheelers Show. July 24,25,26 & 27. Steam engines, tractors, vintage museum, farm museum, saw mill, old basket making factory, veneer mill, flea market, craft barn, petting farm. Lots of demostrations. Plenty of food and music. Music all day and evening. Square and round dancing."

I think it only costs $15 to join the Club and it would surely be worth it if you have any interest in this sort of thing. They have their own grounds here in Northern Michigan with facilities for people to camp the whole weekend for a very reasonable fee. I couldn't stay for the dancing.

Anyway, there were a lot of toys in the booths, and their cheerful smiles took my mind off of current events, if only briefly. I love these toys; they have a sort of innocent materiality. Not worried about the afterlife or sin. I think I will soon get back in the swing of blogging. I fell off the dailiness of it all a while back, but Joann's interest saved me. Thank you Flywheelers! Thank you Joann!
I had been anticipating reaching 400 posts and sailed right passed and missed the 400th one. I also wanted to reach 1000 on profile views, and passed it, too, in the night . . .
Good night, old friends and new!


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  2. Love these! I have an M & M collection. I have the sax player, the scuba diver radio.... :)

  3. Thank you June for revealing great insight into things both big and small.
    I still love reading that heading: poetry and photography: the memory thread. What a great line!