Thursday, August 21, 2008

At the edge of Crooked River

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In the most wild and messy places, plants know how to arrange themselves by reaching for the sun, forming the most beautiful clusters of foliage. Even the dead log is beautiful. I took a lot of pictures from the bridge on HWY 68 on Saturday of the Riverfest. I'll be working with them for a long time, making them black and white like this, or doing many other things to them. I've done a lot of birding in places like this; the birds like it, too.

Today has been a spectacular day at the feeder--all the regulars came--Blue Jay, Mourning Dove, the Six Chickadees, the Goldfinch family, Mrs. Cardinal, The Swamp Sparrow, Mrs. Hairy Woodpecker (she almost didn't marry him because of his horrible name!) and the White-Breasted Nuthatch. I didn't see the Downies, but day before yesterday I saw Mrs. Rose-Breasted Grosbeak for the first time this season.
The kigo, or season word for how I feel tonight is:
summer is ending. But I don't have the rest of the haiku. Good night.

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  1. June, I love this post. Your funny bone must have been acting up. Too cute!
    Have a great weekend.