Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autumn Beach remembered

This picture is from the dawn walk Anil woke me up to take at Asilomar last year. One of the sea's still life arrangements that I love, made even more special by the slanting dawn light. My grandson is visiting this weekend from Evansville, Indiana, where he works for a babyfood company. In a little while we will go to dine with my son and his family. So I thought I'd better post now.
My copy of the new sketchbook anthology, An Illustrated Journey, came  yesterday as well as the New Yorker. These, I would have thought, put me off psychological reading for a day or two, while I still think about twinless twins and childhood traumas. However, in the New Yorker, read about the shotgun death at the teen-aged hands of his sister, who was the one who shot several faculty members in a meeting fairly recently. Except for the death of her brother, she got no retribution for the earlier shooting, which the author speculates, with quite a bit of support, was not an accident. And earlier problematic events in her life are also revealed. So I didn't leave the universe of childhood trauma after all. Also, Garry Wills was on BookTV today discussing priests and various things about the history and structure of the Catholic Church, even though he himself still goes to church and (according to Wikipedia) still prays the Rosary every day. Naturally the subject of child sexual abuse came up here, too. And so, until tomorrow!
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