Thursday, February 14, 2013

Road Trips

My new iOS app, Tangled FX, will have me hunched over some device constantly. I may need to give up sleep. This is my usual favorite filter, making the photo speedily into a black and white graphic that often reminds me of the American prints from the Thirties and Forties that Pat and Richard Shelley used to collect. I sat under their beautiful framed presences at all our poetry meetings there, and can still call these prints specifically to mind. At first, I didn't care much for them--but they grew on me. This was taken with the iPhone on our last trip here, across one of those wide western expanses.
I promised  more on the speculations about the special psyches of "twinless twins" and indeed I intend to keep this promise. I read some more tonight and it strikes me as scienceless science, but nevertheless interesting to think about.
I smashed my thumb in a drawer today and I have a sort of cushion bandage wound around it which is making it a challenge to type so now I'll say: GOOD NIGHT! I'll be back tomorrow. Picking up my grandson at 11 PM at the Boise Airport.

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