Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wood Duck's beautiful red eyes!

He's an elusive little sweetie, and the glint in his eye in the photo isn't there unless the sun is shining. So I was quite happy with this one. And I love the little egg-shaped rock! Duck feeding has dwindled down a lot, about half of them still turn up, but they fly off much more easily when I come out and may not come back right away for the corn. So my worry that I would have to taper them off like substance abusers seems to have been premature. The last two nights we had skiffs of snow, which melted by midafternoon. I guess they eat weeds, seeds and roots. . .
(I'm going to find out!)

Today I noticed that the buds are swelling on the cottonwood trees.
Even the buds on fallen branches are quite swollen, reddish and come to a sharp point.
I'll be taking pictures of this as I can, inspired by the book Seeing Trees, which I highly recommend. I only wish that the authors lived in Michigan, rather than in the south,
but this is SUCH a great book that it almost does not matter.
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