Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the road, looking for art

I hit this FromTheCar trip photo with a new iPhone app lying in my bed in the middle of the night. It now has a nutty hard graphic quality that I think I like. That's me and my iPhone in the mirroe. The whole scene has been sharpened and intensified. I have to admit that I ordered FOUR iPhone photography books two nights ago (three on Kindle) and one actual book, which came today. I'd like to report on those I recommend later. I've read them all (none are very long)--except the paper one--and been encouraged toward more heavy manipulation of ordinary shots, like this one. Color shifts, sharpening, fading, vignettes up the yin-yang, etc. Part of me thinks I SHOULD think these methods are tacky, part of me thinks, WOW!
And I guess I will never be as bold as Ai WeiWei seems to be in the documentary we saw tonight. Omigosh! What manly freedom! I'd sure like to see the exhibit in Washington. But I'll content myself with Boise Art Museum's inflated white fabric life-sized elephants for now.
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