Friday, February 01, 2013

Some past time, when the sky looked like this

We can remember, and wish for it to come again. I guess I am still thinking like this.Time flies. Today we picked up the spectacular hearing aids for S, my big guy. I think he will have less trouble getting used to them than I did.  Took my Kindle with me to the appointment and ordered David Quammen's new Spillover. I'm a big Quammen fan, beginning with the articles for Outside magazine. So I am deep into it already and have abandoned Thornton and Dorothy. Later, I said to them. I'll come back to the 1950s and the 1800s soon. But now I am following scientists through what we used to call "darkest Africa" in search of the reservoir for the Ebola virus. And so good night, although I know they won't find out anything before I have to go to bed. 
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  1. I really treasure the copy of his first novel that you gave me on that odd, IBM inspired visit to San Jose a few years back. He told me he doesn't even have a hardcover copy.