Friday, February 08, 2013

Lotus Blossom, the speaking past

I very much admire people who decide what they are going to do, and then do it! Perhaps, even now, someone like that is dragging a trail of accomplishments. Like the comet's tail, is it made of burning ice and dirt? Am I remembering that correctly??
Today, Dewitt Jones put up a photograph modified with three apps. One of them is called TangledFX. It has a dozen or so modifications it will do to a photograph. It doesn't allow you to dial up or down any of these modifications; you must take them as they come. But there are enough that you soon learn what will work on various types of image.
This is an old photo of Lotus Blossom, better known as Toozie, which isn't very good. But the app turned all her lovely tresses into thready beauty.
Like the story of Miss Bianca, this is a bittersweet story, because these pets have a shorter lifespan than we do. Tooz was sired by Diane's stud, Tu Fu, and had no litter-mates. Diane had the choice of puppies as a stud fee, and let me buy Tooz for my husband, the dog fancier. The breeders wanted to keep her for a few months before we got her. I don't know if something started her off wrong, or we did, but she was never a very happy little dog. But we loved her, and she kept her good looks well into old age. After she had something like a stroke coming downstairs, she couldn't stand and had seizures. The vet said if she didn't recover in a day or two , she would not. We went to the vet for the death shot. We were holding her, and when the vet suck the needle into her forepaw, she bit my husband! I always treasure that last bit of spunk! 
Good Night.

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