Monday, February 11, 2013

Bringing Sweetie home

I can't believe I haven't written about this here before; I just searched the blog several ways, though, and couldn't find it. Rambling through old digital photo files (they DO pile up!) is a great way to end the day! Isn't this a magnificent stone barn??? It's in northern Michigan on Al Jireh farm. The couple who live here raise Shetland sheep and use many old technologies. Their garden is spectacular! She sells yarn in all the lovely grays, tans and browns, creams and blacks, that come from the different sheep.

Shetlands are a small sheep, easy to handle and transport.They were developed in Scotland, (probably over hundreds of years) as being thrifty, hardy and manageable.
This article on Wikipedia filled me in.
My daughter took me there to see them and buy some sheep. The ones she picked out were named Sweetie (for her temperament) and Sissy. We brought them home in a pickup truck.
I was greatly impressed with all the things they showed us that afternoon.
I'm breaking my own one-photo concept for this blog twice so you can see Sweetie being carried to the truck:

So, some of the old arts live on in the hands of capable people.
Good night!
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