Monday, February 04, 2013

Learning to drive horses

I have loved this picture for a long time, but haven't put it up, I think. It's from circa 1993. Someone named Mary gave K a horse and harness and a year's worth of hay because she was moving.
My daughter was just starting a little farm on which to raise food and her two young boys.
My husband told her she had to make sure the horse knew she meant it.
I have always wished I had gotten the tip of Charley's nose and his back hooves
into the picture, but otherwise I am very pleased with this little slice of the past.

It's been a slow day, and I feel I should have done more, but it is too late now.
I DID FINISH the Thornton Wilder biography, though. Reading on Kindle, you never know where you are. If there are many pages of footnotes, you get to the end of the text suddenly. There was a little foreshadowing of death in the text, so I wasn't completely unprepared. After a strenuous week visiting friends in New York City for Thanksgiving, he came home the first week in December. Since they planned to go out to dine, he wrapped himself in his bathrobe and lay down for a nap. He never woke up
just died from a heart attack.
Yesterday I also finished David Quammen's new book Spillover. It ended shockingly fast.
Just when I was prepared for about another half of a book, it was over with a few suggestions
(wash your hands) about how since human beings can THINK, we should be able
to deal with these evolving diseases. Poof! End of book. I'm still a Quammen fan
and I really enjoyed reading the book, but it sure ended abruptly. Good night,
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