Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Early November, we take to the open road

I love these western expanses, even though I was raised in New York's Mohawk Valley. I decided to break the flow of this blog (I did this; I did that) with an image from another season. The so-far-to-see to the mountains makes me feel free and a little giddy. Of course, I'm just driving through, not living here.
Tonight the CCoE, or Camera Club of Eagle (Idaho) (I'm living here) had the first of February's two monthly meetings. It was to be a swap meet and show and tell. It was a GREAT meeting and I learned many things, most of which I do not want to try.
We had the most refined and lovely, excellent photographers, to some trying to be better (but not terribly good yet) to one who advised us to raid the emergency kit at work for supplies. We had the delightful fellow who takes time-lapse photos in a circle with a GoPro helmet camera he mounted on a kitchen timer. We had someone offer a fine camera (he has just bought the new one of) for $850. Nobody bought. It might be worth that, and probably is, but the emergency supplies thief fellow had just showed us a very nice one he got from a yard sale for $50.
We had some handy fellows showing us how to make brackets and other aids out of bits of metal we all (don't) have lying around the house using tools we (don't) have. There was a useful discussion of Gaffer's Tape, so I don't have to wonder what THAT is any more.
And, so forth; you should have come!
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