Sunday, February 17, 2013

Today, the beautiful blue and white

This is what I saw coming home from brunch at my son's house. The little always-burning light on the post in the lower right is in front of out house.
And tonight we all watched the Netflixed Skyfall, which was full of vehicles, weapons and explosive devices. A little pretty scenery. . .Much as I don't think much of blogs that are like "I did this/I did that" it is pretty easy for me to fall into if I've had a busy day. On that note, I am very proud of the way the gash I put in my thumb a couple of days ago is healing.. Knitted right up! My immune system must still work. Plus I got the report --negative-- on my thyroid biopsy. Plus my bone scan showed good density.
Now if I could just get most of the old picttures off my iPhone to free up some memory. . . I am amazed at the amount of photos, and manipulated photos and screen shots and notes I have. It is almost too handy a way to "keep" stuff.  Night--night.
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