Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Many, many, many, many years ago . . .my boy was a bunny

I took this picture of my son as the rabbit's face. We used to stop for breakfast at The Nut Tree, which had all sorts of kid stuff, like a wooden giraffe they could ride. We were on the way to Grace, Idaho to visit family there. Since--behind the rabbit--the child's face was in shadow, the slides didn't come out well. But last years project to have the slides scanned turned up these old treasures and they can be lightened up enough for me to send kisses to the past.
I'm afraid I haven't a poem for tonight. We (mis?)spent the evening Netflixing the last three episodes of that ancient British epic, Brideshead Revisited. Julia wore some pretty snappy clothes tonight, all glitter and drapery. And Charles smoked at the beginning, end and middle of every scene. A great deal of fuss was  made over Laurence Olivier getting the Last Rites, when he didn't want 'em and even the doctor thought it might kill him. And then LO came back enough from his comatose state to cross himself before he died. Such a fuss! It made me long for the Evelyn Waugh of Vile Bodies, but I don't think I'll get that on Netflix. I must have a poem for tomorrow!!
Good Night!
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