Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Going Around in Circles

Remember in 7th grade how they taught you how to capitalize titles? As in the title of this post, certain minor words were left with a lower case initial. I just typed this this way automatically; it has been years since I heard anyone mention it.
Tonight, I was trying to upload some images from Flickr and clicked, by mistake, Upload All! And after I realized, I let it go ahead! It's taken a long time and uploaded hundreds of pictures from the last year. Lots of them were modified using various apps on the iPhone and iPad. This goose was among them. I met him in Alamden Lake Park when I took my visiting grandchildren there.
And then I made him circular with Percolator. For awhile i was a favorite app, but now TangledFX gets my vote.
There is a problem of proliferation. . . Pictures transfer automatically between iPad and iPhone. Then you make them into other images, which transfer back and forth. Then you put some on the computer, or download them to put them on this blog. So they exist everywhere and nowhere specifically. Still, I am having fun!
Today, the second watercolor class. I had a little more fun and plan to practice this week. These are the classic techniques and not so much what I would need for sketch journaling. I dried a wash with the hairdryer today, which I hadn't done before. The paper was curled and it flattened right out.
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