Thursday, February 21, 2013

Emmet County Day Moon, April, 2010, Northern Michigan

I am always surprised and pleased when the moon shows itself like this during daylight. If I were writing Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book, I am sure it is one of the things I would call delightful. In the photo are April's bare trees with the buds already swelling. I have noticed changes in the cottonwood buds already here in Idaho. But it's a while yet until tomato-planting time. Last year in San Jose, Smita and her daughter fed us with Heirloom tomatoes from their garden when Anil was here. Plum-dark red, orange red, yellow! I like the idea of gardening slightly better than actual gardening. But the difference is not as great for me as the difference between the idea of canning and the actual terrifying back pain and split fingers I got the last time I tried. I'm good at freezing, though, if I can get good stuff to freeze, like the cherries and blueberries of the Michigan season. And the frozen vegetables and fruits you can buy now are often very good.
I was trying to save the Adam Jagajewski book (that I quoted from in the last two posts here) to read in bite-size pieces; I wanted to make it last a long time. The problem is that of the half-dozen other books I sampled today, every one seemed pretty commonplace and blahhhh after reading just the first 30 pages of the translation of his book. I must make an exception for Haruki Murakami's book of short stories called Elephant Vanishes. I got a kick out of the first two stories in that. I was Kindling in the dark when I was supposed to be going to sleep. Good Night!
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